Work Legislation in Dubai: The Law On Termination of Work

Under Dubai Holborn reviews Law, which is governed by United Arab Emirates (UAE) work regulation, a company needs to offer an employee a minimal notice duration of thirty day prior to termination of an employment contract. The United Aram Emirates regulation is stringent in this regard which means that the law allows no room for negotiation, even when the company agrees to grant a much shorter pensions in UAE amount of time. Any kind of much shorter contractual notice period is not likely to be enforceable by the Holborn pension employer.

Upon termination of work, the United Arab Emirates work law mentions that a staff member must be compensated for all entitlements they have not been able to profit from, such as unutilised leave. UAE legislation specifically states that on discontinuation of a contract, a company needs to return a staff member to their nation of origin, should the employee fall short to find different employment within a set time duration.

It must be noted that there are no stipulations under UAE for redundancy; hence they do not identify ‘redundancy settlement’ per se. The UAE does nonetheless state, that a company should give pay of as much as 3 months wage, where they have actually ended the employment for a reason aside from the staff member’s performance. In practice there is an arrangement for redundancy, just not in those words; yet this issue is still a very contentious one. UAE Labour Regulation can get made complex but altogether sides with the workers typically.

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